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First Cardigans are a unique breed and are not suited for everyone.  Cardigans will do best in an engaged situation - they do not need to be performance dogs but they do need their owners to want to be involved with them - daily stimulating them both physically and mentally.  Before placing a puppy or older Cardigan, I want to be sure its new owner is informed and understand the unique and special characteristics of the breed, as well as learning a bit about the care and purchase of a Rhoswen Cardigan puppy.











Skid walking the puppies


Gabbi and Remix











Puppy Buyer Information






Since I take my responsibility seriously for raising each puppy in my home with love and care, I also want to ensure that any puppy placed goes to an individual or family that will ensure their puppy is loved, cared for, is not kept in a dog house or chained in the backyard, and has a forever home.  I require a fenced backyard or regular exercise on a lead at all times..  My Cardigans are not placed in a home where people have dog allergies or where the other responsible adult member does not either want or will not be involved with the dog.

As such, I will ask each prospective buyer to complete a questionnaire so I might better understand your needs and I can make sure each of my puppies are placed where there is a best “match” between the puppy and you.  Please contact me and I will send you a questionnaire to complete.

If you have never owned a Cardigan before, I highly recommend that you visit some of the links on my website to learn as much as possible about the Cardigan breed.  I want anyone considering a Cardigan puppy to take the time to make an informed choice and be sure they are able to offer the unconditional love, necessary activity, and socialization that makes for a happy Cardigan.










Waiting List/Reservations






Because I only breed occasionally, my puppies are often reserved well in advance of the birthing date.  However, there are times when approved home falls through, or the bitch has a larger litter than expected and a puppy becomes available.  Generally, I take 5-6 names for my primary companion puppy list.  Others, if they wish, go onto my secondary list.  No reservation fee is necessary but a depost is required from those on the primary list after the breeding occurs.











Purchasing a Puppy




Ideally, you have completed a Buyer’s Questionnaire and a mutual decision has been made that one of my puppies could be a good match for you or your family, and you are placed on my buyer’s waiting list.  Next, you will be requested to make a deposit which I consider a serious commitment to purchase a puppy.  Once you have reserved a puppy (sold), I routinely make contact with buyers regarding the upcoming litter and puppies.  The deposit is refundable if for some reason your circumstances change and you are no longer able to purchase the puppy or if you are not satisfied with the available puppy when it is delivered to you. In these cases, the refund is made as soon as another qualified buyer if found for the puppy.

Puppies placed as companions are sold only with a spay/neuter, non-breeding contract agreement; AKC Limited Registration, microchipped, and come with a one-year health guarantee.  Final payment is due at the time your puppy is delivered to its new home.










Health and Care






I work closely with my veterinarian to ensure the proper and best care is provided to all my Cardigans including both pre- and post-delivery of the litter.  I have both a local reproduction veterinarian specialist and an alternative health veterinarian that work with me and my Cardigans.  Proper nutrition for both mother and puppies are of utmost importance.  Puppies receive the required vaccinations, deworming (including a fecal float test) and bacterial infection prevention appropriate for their age prior to being placed in their new homes.

In addition, puppy socialization is very important to me.  My puppies enjoy individual attention and group activities from birth. I believe this maximizes the pupies ability to adjust to ever-changing situations and prepares them for the transition to their new home.

Enjoy watching the video showing puppies from my Texas litter playing on a slide (of course with assistance).




















Once a litter is born, I evaluate each puppy as it grows physically and how it interacts within the litter, and daily stimuli.  At 9 weeks, the litter is evaluated by other breeders to determine each puppies physical attributes as compared to the breed standard.  Once the final evaluation is made, I select the puppy or puppies I will retain and make a preliminary puppy selection for buyers based on the buyers individual needs and requirements.  Puppies should be ready for their new homes between 10-12 weeks of age.










Going to Its New Home



Safe delivery and transport for my puppies is also paramount.  For buyers who live outside the immediate Treasure Valley area but within the State of Idaho, or a neighboring state, arrangements can be made with me to pick up their puppy.  Any other puppy pickup/delivery arrangements are to be coordinated with me.

Each puppy will leave Rhoswen with a bag of kibble which is part of its current diet and a gift bag.

For more information or questions, please contact me.









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